The Savings Bank is one of Glasgow's lost treasures, entering through the granite pillars and wrought iron gates will transport you back to an era of Victorian architectural opulence. Celebrate our city’s heritage by having your special event here and join us in a toast to the century old statement:

"No institution in the country has done more to encourage the spirit of independence than the Savings Bank of Glasgow."

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From virtue and caution to gambling and risk, the Savings Bank has a fascinating history. Built in the late 19th Century, its original purpose was to put pennies and pounds back into the pockets of Glasgow's working class. Although the mahogany teller’s desk has long since disappeared, a number of original Victorian features enrich the space. Plaster pomegranates, money bags and cornucopias rest atop the pillars, fitting symbols of plenty for the bank’s most recent incarnation as a casino. Under the low light of the dome high rollers wagered where spendthrifts once saved.

Now, two of Glasgow’s foremost independent event companies, Inhouse and the Liquid Academy, invite you to come and book the bank for your own unique celebration.

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Occasions & Functions
Engagement & Wedding Celebration
Looking for an intimate vintage styled wedding or engagement celebration, then the Savings Bank presents couples with the perfect setting to remember and celebrate the time of their lives. Fully bespoke service available from entertainment, live music, drinks and food offering to video and photography coverage of the big day.
Festive Celebration
If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and have an intimate time with your team in the heart of Glasgow then our venue presents the perfect alternative to the jam packed streets of the city during this busy time in the event calendar.
Exhibition & Brand Showcase
The diversity and grandeur of our venue invites great potential for exhibition or product launches alongside a unique service experience for the curator or showcasing artist. We have an integrated sound system, HD screens and wifi in place, should you require digital presentation.
Private Dining; Food & Drinks
Working in harmony with our colleagues from the Liquid Academy and specialist food suppliers - the mezzanine atrium can play stage to a very unique food and drinks service experience that is tailored to the season and occasion. Celebrity bartenders and chefs collaborating to create incredible food and drinks experiences for you and your guests.
Company Awards & Corporate Events
Every company has a big day in their event calendar which often call for a unique stage to announce and showcase new partnerships or prospects. The unique shape of the Bank lends itself perfectly to networking and strengthening relationships with clients.
Private Celebrations
Our lives often yield key moments that deserve a unique location and private experience that will last in the memories of our friends and family. The Savings Bank provides the perfect backdrop for special birthdays or anniversaries.

If you are interested in booking The Savings Bank for your special event then please complete our online booking application. The application includes a small brief about your event and any special requirements for it.
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  • 67 Bridge Street, Glasgow, G5 9JB
  • 0141 230 9811
  • booking.thesavingsbank@inhouse.scot